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Driving Lessons in Chippenham

Below you will find information about the driving lessons that we offer at Driving Lessons Chippenham. We cover a wide range of different driving courses and lessons so whether you are a complete beginner or would simply like a refresh course, we should have driving lessons for everyone.

You can book individual lessons or blocks of driving lessons. We are very flexible and can accommodate lessons at the most convenient time for our students.

If you have any questions or need any additional information just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Pass Plus Driving Course - Chippenham
Pass Plus Driving Course

Pass Plus is a great way for new drivers to gain more experience when driving. As soon as you pass your driving test you are legally allowed to drive though most new drivers will have very little experience and will most likely come across a number of…

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Intensive Driving Lessons - Chippenham
Intensive Driving Lessons

We offer an Intensive Driving Lesson course for those who would like to learn to drive and pass their driving test in a short period of time. These crash course lessons are very popular with students and people who work, as we can schedule a…

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Driving Theory Test Training  - Chippenham
Driving Theory Test Training

At Driving Lessons Chippenham we offer excellent driving theory test training so that you will be prepared and ready to pass your driving theory test. The driving theory test is a two part test and you must pass both parts of the test before you…

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Advanced Driving Lessons - Chippenham
Advanced Driving Lessons

A large percentage of drivers who pass their driving test choose to take advanced driving lessons with the purpose of building up confidence and experience when driving and to ultimately become better and safer drivers. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) say that being an advanced motorist…

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Motorway Driving Lessons - Chippenham
Motorway Driving Lessons

When you are learning to drive you will not experience driving on the motorway as this is something that is not permitted in the UK for learner drivers. Driving on motorways is something that many new drivers, who have just passed their driving tests, will fear and be…

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Automatic Driving Lessons - Chippenham
Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving an automatic car is the preferred choice for a number of drivers such as the elderly or people with disabilities and we offer automatic driving lessons as well as standard. The right foot should be used for accelerator and brake controls with the left…

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Driving Refresher Course - Chippenham
Driving Refresher Course

A driving refresher course is perfect for drivers who have not driven in a while, and who would like to have some general practice behind the wheel with an experienced driver before going out on the open roads alone. Taking a driving refresher course is a…

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