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Advanced Driving Lessons

A large percentage of drivers who pass their driving test choose to take advanced driving lessons with the purpose of building up confidence and experience when driving and to ultimately become better and safer drivers.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) say that being an advanced motorist is someone who is continuously learning and developing into a better driver.

Advanced Driving Lessons - Chippenham

In addition to gaining more experience as a driver, there are many other reasons to consider taking the Advanced Driving test. Lots of people who have taken the test have said that they feel better equipped and more confident on the road and that they enjoy driving a lot more.

Another benefit is that car insurance companies look favourably on drivers who have passed the Advanced Driving test and this is reflected in the cost of car insurance offered to such drivers. Also, by being more aware of car maintenance, you will find that drivers who have passed the advanced test are more knowledgeable with regards to better looking after their costs, and keeping maintenance costs down.

Our advanced driving lessons will help you better prepare for the advanced test. To pass the test you will need to prove yourself to be a very competent driver who can handle all types of situations rather than just a few specific situations that might occur when out driving. Our driving instructors will be able to help you understand what will be required from you in order to pass your advanced driving test, as well as to help you gain the confidence and skills you will need.