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Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving an automatic car is the preferred choice for a number of drivers such as the elderly or people with disabilities and we offer automatic driving lessons as well as standard. The right foot should be used for accelerator and brake controls with the left foot not being used at all.

Automatic vehicles are usually much easier to control and are easier to drive. Some people have trouble getting used to manually changing the gears, so driving an automatic makes perfect sense. With the change of gears being taken care of automatically by the car, you can concentrate more on the road in front of you, and not the pedals at your feet.

Automatic Driving Lessons - Chippenham

Just remember that if you do want to learn to drive an automatic car, then once you pass your test, you are only allowed to drive automatic vehicles.

At Driving Lessons Chippenham we are able to offer automatic driving lessons for those who would prefer to learn driving in an automatic car. If you have any questions just feel free to contact us and we will help you with whatever you might need.