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Driving Refresher Course

driving refresher course is perfect for drivers who have not driven in a while, and who would like to have some general practice behind the wheel with an experienced driver before going out on the open roads alone.

Taking a driving refresher course is a great way to get back some confidence in your driving abilities and to freshen up on your skills. Our refresher courses are suited to your specific requirements, so if you want to practice driving situations such as night driving, driving on motorways, all-weather driving or anything else, then we can arrange this for you.

Driving Refresher Course - Chippenham

There are many reasons why a driver might have passed their driving test but have not driven since such as ..

  • Health issues
  • Loss of confidence – maybe due to an accident on the road
  • Passed years ago but haven’t drive since

Whatever the reason we are able to assist in getting you freshened up with your driving skills and help you get back the confidence you might need.

Please get in touch with us so we can work out the best refresher course for your specific needs and get you back on the road again full of confidence and driving safely.