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Intensive Driving Lessons

We offer an Intensive Driving Lesson course for those who would like to learn to drive and pass their driving test in a short period of time.

These crash course lessons are very popular with students and people who work, as we can schedule a block of lessons all together, so that they can have a full afternoon or mornings worth of driving lessons, rather than 2 a week.

Intensive Driving Lessons - Chippenham

The total number of lessons that a student will need for an intensive driving course is completely dependent on the students driving abilities. Some students may just need a 1 week intensive course, while others might need much longer.

One of the most asked questions about intensive driving lessons is “Are they worth it ?”. In our experience, we have had a very high pass rate and we believe that if the student is highly motivated and has good driving skills and learning abilities, then these courses offer the best way for some students to pass their driving test in a very small time frame. We have seen first hand that intensive driving lessons give the students a great deal of confidence which builds up quickly and is maintained over the course.

There are no requirements for a student who wants to take intensive driving lessons, but some of the qualities we believe the student should possess include …

  • Hard working and determined
  • Has the ability to concentrate and take instructions over a long period of time

Intensive driving lessons are not always the best choice for every driving student, so if they are something that you are considering, then please contact us so that we can discuss together the most suitable driving lessons for your specific skill level and requirements.

If you would like more information about our intensive driving lessons in Chippenham please do not hesitate to contact us. We can arrange blocks of lessons around your time schedule to help you better prepare for your driving test.